Tip the scale, August 8 2011 Daily Reflection

Spencer tipping the scale

Negativity drives me to the brink of insanity. Give me your ideas, your dreams, brag on your children, tell me of your accomplishments but please don’t bring me down with all the negative parts of other people’s lives. Everyone has to vent from time to time and a friend will listen when you need them, when there is a problem that needs talking through, when there is a conflict in your heart. But when the negativity is the entire conversation about others it is not necessary.

Maybe you are the friend who has to listen to 100% negativity every time you are together. Maybe you are the negative person. Negativity is draining for all involved. It weighs us down and pulls the relationship to new lows.

The reality of life is there is a balance of positive and negative energy if you want to tip the scales tip it positive!

Today, think about which friend you are the negative one or the positive one. Now, think about how different the relationship would be if there was more positive and less negative. How can you change it? Are you ready to make a positive change? You will never change another person but you can change your reaction to them, you can change your attitude and you can change your words. How different would life be if you tipped the scale to the positive side?

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