Today Matters, July 28 Daily Reflection

This is the day that the Lord has made;

let us rejoice in it and be glad

Psalm 118: 24

Anna age 7

Anna age 7

How often does your child come to you with a picture he/she drew or colored just for you?  My children love to have “art class” with each other all four of them together to make pictures for me.  I love the pictures they cover my refrigerator especially during the school year.  We actually have to rotate the pictures constantly.  When they make pictures for my mother in law she always tells them “I will save this picture forever”.  I always think to myself where are you going to put all these works of art?  I don’t know about you but I don’t have lots of room.  I do try to keep the pictures they create for me but some, I hate to say and would never tell my children, do get recycled.  However, when they walk up to me with that huge smile on that sweet little face hiding the art work behind his/her little body and say “Guess what I have for you”,  I love it! Most of the time it is easy to be happy and excited for his/her gift to be given to me.  But sometimes my child picks the wrong moment to give me artwork, whether I am on the phone with the insurance company representative who is a low talker and I just missed the important part and have to ask over again.  Or if I am trying to clean toilets or rushing out the door to get us somewhere and am already running late.  Sometimes I don’t react the way they want me to or the way I should to this precious creation they have taken the time to think up and color just for me.

I think we do the same thing with God.  How many days do we look at that darn list at work of things to be done or at home ( which is work as well) and we are overwhelmed.  We try to get it all accomplished and just can’t seem to find on the list a moment to enjoy today.  I know that today is just an ordinary Tuesday in July probably nothing special or out of the ordinary at all.  But Today Matters!  Just like every picture your child takes the time to create just for you matters!  Are each of us taking the day that God created and half hearted giving thanks for it by trying to just get through the darn day?  I am not saying all day long you should have a glow about you realizing how precious life is.  But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do such a thing?

So today when life is thrown at you along with some food if you have a toddler and not everything goes your way when your preteen tells you like it really is and you are ready for this day to be over, think to yourself today matters.  You will never have Tuesday, July 28, 2009 ever again it’s the only one you will be given and who knows what your tomorrow will really look like.  Today take a moment to pause and look around at the  artwork God has created just for You,   say thank you and be happy and excited for the gift that God has given to you today, even if it is just for a moment!

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