Together, December 10, 2012 Daily Reflection

Carrying the Christmas Tree

We did it! We went to Huber’s and bounced on that wagon ride all the way to the Christmas tree nursery. My children ran here and there checking which tree was the best one for this year. They measured its height, looked for dead branches and curved trunks. They finally had two choices and Anna had the final word because she let Spencer decide last year. They cut it down and here they are carrying it off to wait for the wagon. The tree was heavy and everyone wanted to help to carry it. As they carried it together they said “It’s not so heavy now.”

In our lives we are constantly carrying loads of responsibilities, difficult relationships, worry, stress and work. Many times we are weakened under the load. We feel the weight that we bear upon our shoulders but we just keep on taking it. What if we let someone help carry the load? What if we allowed others to help with our responsibilities, our work and our relationships? What if we tried to give away the worry and the stress?

Who can we possibly ask for help? Well, our independence and pride usually makes us carry the load alone. However, we can ask for help. We can ask the people in our lives who we know love us the most. We can ask for a little help. We can ask our children and spouse to help with the responsibilities around our homes. We can ask for advice from wise and positive people about how to handle difficult relationships. We can ask co workers for help at work. We can ask God to take our worries and our stress from us.

When we allow ourselves to ask for help the load is lightened. We cannot do everything on our own. In my life I know that I do nothing without God – I mean nothing. If it were not for God I could not write a word, give a talk, love my children or breathe in and out. I know that God lightens my load daily and I thank Him for it daily.

At this time of year when life is overwhelming ask for help. We all need a little help to lighten our own load so we can say “It’s not so heavy now.” If you ask God will help you.

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