Towering, April 24, 2012 Daily Reflection

A church in Boston

From this perspective that old church looks like it is towering over me. Many times in our lives we feel as though something towers over us. As though that situation is so high up and intimidating that we are not sure how to handle it without fear or anxiety.

However, if we back up from the situation and look at it more objectively then we may see that it is not intimidating at all. The most difficult part of this change of perspective is to back up far enough to see the bigger picture. Sometimes that takes talking to others about it, reflecting on it without emotion or stepping away from it all together and then coming back to it later.

When we are so close to the situation it can be overwhelming. What situation are you in right now that you need to back up from and gain a different perspective of it? Today, try changing your perspective.

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