Track or Treat, October 26, 2015 Daily Reflection

Track or Treat 2015

Yesterday, Holy Cross hosted their annual “Track or Treat” celebration. It is a tradition that the girls of Holy Cross play powder puff against the girls of Presentation for the coveted “glitter bowl trophy”. Last year Presentation won it and we missed seeing it in our trophy case all year. During the game we invite the community both around Holy Cross and beyond to bring their children in costumes to trick or treat around the track. Each guild in our school sets up a themed table. Each student donates a bag of candy. Many of our students come out to support the game and to pass out candy to the children.

Last night the Holy Cross Cougars regained the coveted “glitter bowl trophy” returning it to our trophy case for the year! There was a large turnout for the Track or Treat. It was a beautiful fall night and the children were in adorable costumes. It was fun to be a part of a joyful event giving back to our neighbors and coming together as a community. It was service for our school that did not feel like service but like a neighborhood party.

We should each strive to do for others each and every day. What will you do today for someone else?

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