Traditional Tree Hunt, December 14, 2015 Daily Reflection

Our 2015 Christmas Tree

Our 2015 Christmas Tree

Yesterday, my family went on our annual Christmas Tree hunt. Usually we take the long drive to Huber’s, take a wagon, cut down a tree, and come back to an overcrowded parking lot. This year we thought we would go a little cheaper and a little less commercial.

So, we went to Meyer’s Family Christmas Trees about 10 minutes from Huber’s. They have a home on the property and sold their first tree in 1982. We pulled up to an old barn. An older man greeted us, gave us a saw and directed us to where we could drive our van to look for the right type of tree. It was fun driving on the farm roads. We walked around the fields. It was a beautiful day only 65 degrees! Anna spotted the perfect tree for us. The children took turns sawing the tree and then someone helped us put in on our roof temporarily and we brought it back to the barn. They shook it and affixed it to the roof of our van. It only cost $30. Last year at Huber’s it cost $65 just for the tree.

We had a lovely experience with less crowds and a true country hometown feel. If you are looking check out Meyer’s. Although we did stop by Huber’s restaurant and purchased those fried biscuits and other fixings for home. It was a traditional fun filled day!


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