Training, June 22, 2016 Daily Reflection

Max our dog

Max our dog

Most of you know my family has our first dog! We wanted to do everything the right way from the beginning so we decided to use a trainer. We had our first training session with our family. We are teaching our dog how to walk with a gentle leader and how to sit with positive reinforcement. It is a very interesting process. The trainer referred to how I trained my children. It’s true the ideas are similar.

Does God train us? Through whom are we trained? What is the manual used to indicate the correct behaviors?

I would say God trains us in a different fashion called natural consequences. Hopefully because we have reason, intellect, and free will we can learn deeper lessons from our mistakes and choose not to make them again. If you are Christian the words of Jesus Christ teach you the most and the motion of the Holy Spirit propels you. The manual used to guide us in the right path is the Scriptures of the Bible and the traditions of the Catholic Church.

We are all trainable, if we are open to learn. Are we open to a new way of life, new behaviors, actions, and attitudes? God gives us the free will to decide if we want to be trained in the ways of the Cross. Are you ready or are you half way there daily? God will love you through it all, even if it’s difficult sometimes to see the treats, they are there none the less.

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