Transitions in life, October 1 Daily Reflection

A hospital

They walk in and shuffle out: a woman pushing a double stroller leaned over to her mom laughing putting her head on her shoulder, an elderly man with his newspaper under his arm shuffled across the walk way, a woman obviously 9 months pregnant waddled behind her husband heading towards their car and a middle aged woman glanced back over her shoulder at the honking horn. All coming to or leaving the hospital.

 A mom leaving with a new baby ready to start a new chapter in her life, an elderly man ready to hear the news and find out how many more prescriptions will cure his aching heart, a couple anxiously awaiting a new baby, a woman in search of something more opening the door.

We have been there to visit friends, to have a cut stitched or a broken arm set, to have a baby, to discover what caused the pain. It is a place of transition, of recovery, of cures, of discoveries of fear and of hard truths we can no longer deny. It affects all of our lives from our birth through our deaths.

The hospital

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