Transitions in our lives, April 5, 2012 Daily Reflection

Grass in the meadow

As we walked along the edge of the meadow and 20 pair of 7 year old feet crunched and snapped these leaves, we were told about the transition from the woods to the smaller plants to the wide open meadow.

Transition is a norm in our lives. We transition from one place to another constantly in our day and our lives. Seldom do we stay in the same place we go to work, school, social events, sports practices, family’s homes, stores…we go and we go. We move our families from one house to another. Sometimes the transitions or changes in our lives are small moving from the woods to the lower plants and then to the meadow. Sometimes they are extreme like a deer leaping from the woods into the wide open meadow. Our lives are filled with changes. We adapt and teach our children to adapt to the changes.

However, sometimes the change does not come so easily and the transition is more like the picture depicts one piece of grass in the meadow looks like a mountain that we could never climb. We can see the blue sky in the distance and the inviting cool of the shade trees just beyond our reach but we are just stuck. We are stuck because of fear of making the wrong move, anxiety that we will do it wrong, or a wound that has not healed enough to allow us any movement yet. We have all had times when we doubted the transition and just turned around went back to the woods and stared out at the meadow wondering if we would ever make it there.

It is all about perspective, belief and trust. We all have to change without change there is no growth it is inevitable. We must believe that forward motion is good. We must trust that we are moving in the right direction. We must not leap like the deer without caution into the hunters open aim. We must instead contemplate our changes, pray about the transition, make our peace with the transition and then make it happen. Many times in our lives the grass will appear to be bigger than us but when you get past it you realize how much smaller it was than you thought.  Never stop moving, changing, evolving and growing into the person you were created to become, no matter how tall the grass or how distant the meadow just keep moving.

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