Gated Beauty, April 26, 2012 Daily Reflection

Gated Tulips

Do you ever feel like the beauty that is within your heart and soul is trapped inside?  Do you ever feel like sometimes you let certain people take a glimpse but you are not sure how long you really want them to see the real you? Why do we hide? What are we hiding from?

No matter what you have been through, no matter who said you were not worthy, no matter how many times you have faced that mirror and felt less than human, you are worthy of God’s love, You are beautiful. God made you! God does not want you to hide your beauty beneath your insecurities. God does not want you to gate off the beauty from others and show it only selectively a few times in your life. God has graced you with a beauty like no other. God wants you to break down the gate, rip out the fence, break down the wall and smash the stones that keep you hidden. Look in that mirror today deep into your eyes stop scolding yourself for every mistake you ever made, stop calling yourself names and putting yourself down. Today, look deep into your eyes and know that God made you and He loves you beyond any love you have ever felt in your lifetime.

When your child does something wrong do you love them less? When your child makes a mistake are they less beautiful to you? God loves you even more than you love your own children. It is without condition. God will forgive every sin you have ever made. Just ask for forgiveness from Him and then forgive yourself. There is a beauty inside every living person on this earth. Find yours deep within and let it shine. Let it shine for all to see. Your beauty is more vibrant than the bluest ocean, more warming than the summer sunshine and more intense than the smell of honeysuckle in the springtime.

Set it free, open your mouth and smile, allow yourself to smile, to laugh and to be free of that which fences you in and holds you down. Share your beauty with the world. If you let it shine God will smile upon you and you will feel His presence in your delight and you will no longer be that gated tulip.

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