Treading Water, July 10, 2012 Daily Reflection


Anna treading water

My children and I went to the pool the other day. They love to play games in the water. It was burning, blazing hot so I was all too happy to join their festivities. We decided to have a water treading contest. My two littlest guys lasted a little over a minute. My oldest son, my daughter and I, we can be a little competitive at times. Let’s just say none of us were going to let the other person win. We treaded that 8 foot deep water for 30 minutes until the life guards called their hourly break. We were nowhere close to stopping. It was a great exercise physically and for our will power.

What in life will you never give up on? Would you hang on no matter how drained you are, no matter how long it takes? Let me guess your first thought is your children, your spouse, your family, your career…. What about your faith? Maybe that was one of your top answers.

Just know this simple fact Jesus walked on water for you and God will tread water for eternity to be your Father forever.

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