Treasures, January 25, 2013 Daily Reflection

Anna and a butterfly

Anna let a butterfly land upon her hand. She did not cover it up with her other hand so it would not fly free. She held it there and looked closely at its beauty. How many times in this life has nature fallen into our grasp? How many times have we caught a snowflake on our tongues or a leaf floated down into our hands? How many times have we caught fireflies and put them in a cup as children to watch them closely? After we watched them did we set them free?

When we keep our hands open then we allow treasures to fall upon us. We are able to experience, many times ever so briefly, beauty and nature. However, some of us in our excitement do not want to let it go so we cover the treasure up and try to keep it to ourselves. When you cover it up with your other hand then there is no opening for you to discover another treasure.

Often times we grasp at treasures, material, natural even relationships. We want so much to keep that feeling of awe that we tighten our grip, not to hurt it but to keep it. When we do this the treasure becomes smothered and the opportunity to catch another moment passes us by. It is wiser to always live with your hands open to receive what God sends your way and to let it move on to the next person when God sees fit.

Today, open your hands and feel the difference in the treasures you receive and share with others.

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