A Treat, July 22, 2017 Saturday Tidbit

Sake Blue

Last night we took Jake and Spencer out for a treat to Sake Blue. Jake went there with his best friend’s family for his birthday and completely loved it. It’s a Hibatchi Grill and Japanese Bistro. It was so much fun. We splurged because he really wanted to go to Florida with his archery team to shoot in the World Finals but we could not go. It was very disappointing for him but he understood. The finals were yesterday and to cheer him up we treated him to his favorite spot. He was so appreciative and excited to go. We had a great time, with great entertainment and excellent food! Then we let him choose a redbox and had a family movie night.

If we give our children treats often they don’t appreciate them. My children appreciate the treats they receive because they are rare.

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