Trinity Graduation, May 22, 2017 Daily Reflection

Saturday evening, we attended my oldest son’s baccalaureate Mass at Trinity. It was his last mass with his class. The speakers talked about the brotherhood of Trinity. The priest spoke of God’s guidance. They ended their prayers with Trinity forever. Yesterday morning, I had the privilege and honor to watch my first-born son graduate from Trinity High School. They spoke again of the brotherhood and that the 270 students would never be in the same place at the same time again. Then they all sang their Trinity Alma Matter song. The boys put their arms on each other’s shoulders and sang “In her halls we find God’s Truth; His Wisdom echoes clear Neath the roof of Trinity, Our Alma Mater Dear. Raise your voice and shout her name wherever you may be. May our love be known to all, our love for Trinity.” I couldn’t help but think that somewhere down the line they will understand that the Trinity they hold so dear is not just the school, the friends they have made, the memories, and the time together, but that the Trinity the community of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit are the Trinity. That what they are singing about and loyal to is God. I pray they will someday understand that this brotherhood is not just for those who attended Trinity but that everyone is their brother and sister in this life.

I am a proud mother! My first son has graduated and now he will be taking that next step to pay for his own college and walk his path. I pray and will encourage him to follow the path that God leads him down and that his love for the Trinity should always be there.

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