Truth, May 7, 2015 Daily Reflection

They say the truth shall set you free. Does that mean when you look in the mirror you stop pretending you are someone else? Does that mean we need to delve into self reflection? Maybe we need someone else to be completely honest with us about how they see us in this world. Spiritual directors are excellent at this. We can talk to them about where we are in life. We reveal our hopes and desires to them. Discuss our faith life, beliefs, as well as doubts. We need to have a completely objective person give us feedback on the truth. Someone, who is not emotionally connected to us but someone who is doing it to seek the truth so we can grow and learn from the experience.

Many people go to “life coaches” now to seek that type of truth. They receive encouragement, advice, and hopefully the truth. I believe a “life coach” is different from a spiritual director. One is cultural the other is quite counter cultural. If we want to find the truth of God and the purpose of our life as children of God we need to seek out a spiritual director.

It is difficult at any age to hear the truth about our flaws and shortcomings. However, if we never heard the feedback would we continue to make the same mistakes? We will never be perfect but we should strive to be the best person possible following where God leads us, fulfilling the purpose he set for our lives.

Search out the truth but do it in a healthy way with an objective, trust worthy person to help guide you. Self reflection does not equate self loathing, rather self growth. Consider seeking out a spiritual director for your life and see if you can find the truth to set your true self free.


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