Trying to pray, March 14, 2016 Daily Reflection

Spencer Praying

Spencer Praying

So, it’s not always like it is in Scripture readings; there is usually no burning bush, no quiet voice in a whispering wind, no parting of the clouds and the voice of God coming through it. Prayer is the way for us to connect with God. Sometimes it is short and sweet, other times it’s out of desperation or fear, once in awhile it is because we are ready and truly open to listen to God. Most of the time it seems to be one sided. We do the talking and don’t hear a voice. We may try to listen but our thoughts are distracted and our attention span is like that of a fish, way too short.

We should keep trying. There are so many different types of prayers, from the traditional “Our Father” to the relaxed meditation, from the Mass, which is the highest form of prayer, to the heart prayer, when we just talk to God like we are talking to a friend. All prayer, when sincerely attempting to build a deeper relationship with God is good prayer. God is listening and he talks to us in unique ways. Sometimes we hear his voice in a new idea within our mind. Other times he talks to us through others advice, kindness, or love. Sometimes he speaks to us through circumstances or strange coincidences.

It was said for years Mother Theresa did not hear the voice of God but she never stopped praying. If Mother Theresa had trouble hearing of course we will as well. Like Mother Theresa we should never give up. If your prayer life is growing stale try something new. Google Christian creative prayers and start reading. There are tons of different ways to pray that will help you remember what is most important in your prayer life. God is listening so don’t ever stop trying to pray.


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