Twenty One Years Ago, January 30, 2015 Daily Reflection

DQ Strawberry ShakeTwenty one years ago today Aaron called me on the phone and asked if I wanted to go out with him. I said sure! He picked me up and we went to Dairy Queen, because I told him the strawberry shakes were awesome they had chunks of strawberry in them. We bought the chicken strip baskets, they were so good! We went driving around and I told him the story of my life. He did not hesitate at any part. We laughed and had a great time hanging out together. I knew he was the one 2 days before that first date, during the big snowstorm.

My parents and grandparents had been praying for me to get out of a bad relationship for years. Then I met Aaron and it was like God sent me this wonderful angel, he was everything I could imagine and more and he still is. I thank God for Aaron he is my heaven on this earth. Our relationship led to our marriage from which 4 of the most beautiful children were created!

I thank God that Aaron called me twenty one years ago today and we shared those DQ strawberry shakes, that was the best milkshake of my life!

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