Unable to Connect, April 29, 2015 Daily Reflection

 picture from Independent.co.uk

picture from Independent.co.uk

Don’t you just hate it when you want to get online and you get this annoying prompt: Unable to Connect. My impatience gets the best of me and I get so angry. I want to connect when I am ready to connect and I don’t want to wait for the other end to pick up on my signal.

This is true of normal life as well. When we are ready to connect to another person and they put us off it makes us angry or sad. When we finally decide we want to connect with God and we “hear” nothing in return, we become discouraged and begin to wonder if God is listening. We, humans, are not patient. We want what we want, when we want it! We don’t like to wait.

However, relationships are worth waiting for with our family, friends, and especially with God. Just because you don’t connect the first time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again. If we gave up every time we couldn’t get online then social media would not be so widely utilized. If we don’t give up on technology then we definitely should not give up on our relationships. Give it time, walk away for a bit, clear your mind and go back and try to connect again. You know that feeling you get when you finally get online after trying so many times, the feeling is even better with a real person in a real relationship. Don’t give up, keep trying, until you get a signal, it will happen and you will get connected!

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