Understanding, June 9 Daily Reflection

Christ's eyes filled with compassion, understanding & love

Understanding, empathy, sympathy, compassion all acts that can only be made by people who know how to love others.

Our culture tends to promote and support the success of the individual. Work hard from a young age; from education to a high paying career. Align yourself with influential people who can take you farther in this life. Then accumulate as many things as you possibly can and if you don’t have enough space buy a bigger house. Heck, purchase a few other houses, vacation houses to relax and truly live life. But whatever you do don’t worry about that guy sleeping on the street because he is not part of your reality. He should pick himself up by his bootstraps get clean, get a job and stand on his own two feet. No empathy necessary. Don’t tell me I should give my hard earned money to help others. My money is mine! I earned it. I spend it and help the economy grow. My business employs people I am helping others. So take yourself righteous attitude about giving to others somewhere else. Yes, I believe in a higher being I pray, I attend church, I say thank you and I give sometimes.

What Jesus┬áChrist taught is a direct contradiction to our culture. He kissed the lepers (the unclean). He healed the wounded. He loved the marginalized. Then again He was God of course He loved others and gave of himself. How realistic is that in our society? How crazy would we look if we meet eyes with the guy on the corner holding the sign that says “homeless anything would help”? If anything would help a compassionate smile, eye contact that says you are a part of my reality, and a silent prayer can do more than you will ever know. Simple gestures in your life; living simply so that others may simply live. Clean out your closet, your drawers and give away clothes you don’t wear to those who could wear them. Volunteer at a nonprofit organization meet those faceless strangers who you have never slowed down enough to look at.

Success is to be commended when the fruits of your success can be shared with others. It is better for true charity to come from the heart than forced through taxation. However people who do not have your education, experience, smarts or advantages in life still deserve to eat, live and pursue happiness. People no matter how far from your reality still exist. We need one another.

Try it step outside of your comfortable life and seek understanding, empathy, sympathy and compassion for everyone. Turn to God for the guidance to show you the direction and become counter cultural and begin to love as you have never loved before not just your family but your fellow human beings. If you can do this you will find more fulfillment than any amount of money will ever provide.

Understanding, empathy, sympathy, compassion all acts that can only be made by people who know how to love others.



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