All of Us, July 17, 2017 Daily Reflection

God created the universe and saw that it was good. God created humankind and saw that it was good. God gave us eden and we fell and sinned for the first time and have been sinning ever since. Trying to find our way back to that close relationship we had to God in Eden when we walked with God in the evenings and had no shame of who we were because we knew we were his. God sent prophets to point the way back to God’s loving embrace. They helped for awhile and again we fell away. God sent his only Son Jesus Christ, flesh of our flesh, created in the image of God, physical and divine so that we might be able to draw closer to God and love God completely once more. Jesus Christ came for all of us the sinners, the marginalized, the confused, the sad, and all of humanity. And we killed him, we killed Jesus Christ and He took it, every sin, every exclusion, every abuse, every division, every evil, every pain, and all the separation from God and He died on that cross.

But that is far from the end for Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead, he overcame the division, isolation, and exclusion from God. Jesus Christ overcame death and came back to let us know he came for everyone of us, the good, the bad, the confused, the lost, and the longing. He was seated at the right hand of the father and his kingdom will have no end. HE sent us the Holy Spirit to strenthen our hearts to give us the courage to go to God the Father and the rest of the world, to give us the ability to be in right relationship with God. God is love, God loves all.

Today, let that sink in. Before space and time were created God had you in mind. God created you to love, to will the good of the other as other, to have a deep relationship with him. Try it today. Because he wants all us to love all of him, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

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