Vacation with your spouse, March 31 Daily Reflection

Me & my honey

10,000 feet and so it is over our retreat from our reality, my husband and my vacation away from the kids, 2000 miles away. Now we begin the day of flying to get back not thinking about all the chores to be done, the loads of laundry yet to be washed, only one thought remains I want to hold my children in my arms and squeeze them so tight and just never let go again.

It is true this relationship with your spouse laid the foundation of your family. It is imperative that we nurture it and help it to grow and flourish. So time away is essential to concentrate on each other. One day your children will be grown and on their own and on that first day of the rest of your life you don’t want to look to your spouse and ask “Who are you?”  So take the time to get away with your spouse and when the brief vacation or retreat together has ended don’t let that be the end. Instead plan when you can be together as a couple at home daily. If it is only for 20 minutes a day before the kids get up, after dinner or before bed, renew that friendship, that lifetime commitment to your spouse.

It is over now, the vacation, but the time together will never end and I can’t wait to pick up my children and hold them when I return home.

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