Who is your valentine? February 14, 2015 Daily Reflection

heart BigI remember pining after so many boys when I was a child. I really wanted to be “his” valentine! When I was in middle school I actually received a valentine’s gift for the first time from a boy. It was a stuffed animal and a necklace. I was on cloud nine.

No matter, if I had a boyfriend or not my favorite part of valentine’s day was when my dad came home from work. He would say, with his hands behind his back, “Who wants to be my valentine?” I would run to him, saying, “Me, Me, I want to be your valentine!!!” I would give him a kiss on his cheek, a big hug and he would bring his hands from behind his back and give me some candy or a small valentine’s toy. I treasured that moment with my dad as a child, a teen, an adult and even today. He gives my children their valentines in the same way and he never forgets me. I will always treasure being my daddy’s valentine it is precious to me.

Who is your valentine?

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