The Voice of an Angel, February 22, 2015 Sunday Tidbit

AngelsA few weeks ago I was out for a ┬áSunday morning run. I had just finished my run in front of a concrete bench, a beautiful memorial to a neighbor of mine, Mary Ann, whom I miss dearly. There is a rose bush planted on either side of the bench. I sat down for a moment to catch my breath. I got up and walked across the small bridge glancing over the gate of Mary Ann’s garden and began to say a little prayer to her. I told her that I missed her and suddenly I heard a sweet sound like the voice of an angel singing, it was loud like someone was playing the music from inside their home with an open window. I completely thought that’s what it was but I only hear it for 3-4 seconds and it was gone. I walked further on listening for the music and did not hear it again. I looked to the heavens and said, “Mary Ann was that you?”

Our minds make us question reality constantly. How could I have heard the voice of an angel? But then again, I know that Mary Ann is in heaven and if she wanted to communicate with me who am I to say she can’t?

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