Voice, August 13, 2017 Sunday Tidbit

Listen and witness the peace of nature

So, we make requests, we pray to God, we ask for our prayers to be answered. Then we wait and we wait and we wait some more. Are we waiting for a response from God, a voice from the heavens, a sign somewhere? What are we expecting? How do we think that we will here God respond to our request? Jesus said ask and it will be given to you. I guess it depends on how well we are connected to God, in right relationship with him, and how well we listen to God in our lives. God answers all prayers but not always in the way we want.
Listen in the silence, listen in your thoughts, listen in meditation, listen in your mind, listen in your heart, give it days to let it linger and settle then simply listen. You may not hear a voice, it may not be audible or written in the clouds but if you have patience, and are able to listen well you will know the answer.

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