Voices bring healing, August 28, 2018 Daily Reflection

Me and Anna showing the love

I recently heard a victim of sexual abuse say that when she was able to tell her story and give voice to her pain her healing could begin. When she kept silent it felt as though she was complicit in the crime (she was not complicit at all). Telling her story made her take control and power over the story. Instead of the story defining her in silence, she gave herself a voice and controlled the story.

The MeToo movement is amazing! It is pushing us towards a change in our cultural beliefs and behaviors. It gives a voice to those who were told their only choice was silence. Within the first 24 hours of when the MeToo movement broke over 12 million images of #MeToo were posted on Face Book alone. Knowing that others had felt the pain and shared it gave so many the courage to step forward and do the same. Those who have been abused are reclaiming their power. Yes, they were most definitely victims, but they can break out of the victimhood with the support of others to activate the power within, the power they never lost, but was displaced by violation and abuse.

The voices should be heard, listened too, acknowledged, and loved! Take back your voice and allow the healing to begin.

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