Waiting Rooms, August 2, 2012 Daily Reflection

A Waiting Room

All different walks of life enter through those double doors pregnant, heart pains, cancer patients, and doctor appointments. They are old, young, scared and content. We all sit and wait; thumb through magazines, watch TV but really we don’t pay attention at all. We are just using any means possible to distract us and to help us pass the silent time in an unknown and sometimes uncomfortable place. We all have one thing in common we are all waiting…for a baby, for results, for answers, for a clean bill of health.

They call our names…most of them mispronounced…they lead us to the next section of this endless labyrinth of exam rooms. The needles taking the blood, the scanners noisy, the testing rooms white like an institution, the saving grace of it all are the kind people, nurses, techs and aids explaining and helping us through the process. A kind word goes a long, long way when we are nervous, apprehensive or just plain scared.

We sit and we wait for our future, knowledge of our beings and to see another doctor in the waiting rooms.


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