Walking the Tightrope, January 5, 2016 Daily Reflection

Anna Walking

Many times in life we feel as though we are walking on a tightrope. We want to walk gingerly, hands outstretched attempting a constant balance.  Our lives are filled with priorities, none of which seem to take first place because there are so many. We have our faith, family: spouse, children, aging parents, relationships with siblings, work, homes, education, health, leisure, and so many other responsibilities. It seems impossible to ignore any of these aspects of our lives; thus we walk that tightrope trying to keep our balance for the good of every part of our lives. 

When walking that tightrope it is important to keep your eyes on the rope ahead. It’s when we look back, or doubt our footing that we usually lose step and fall. Many of us walk that tightrope daily. We can’t deny our responsibilities and so we keep moving forward. Something else that many people don’t consider as a good strategy for walking that tightrope is asking God to help you with your balance.  When was the last time you asked him for help? 

The next time you are on that tightrope, take a deep breath and ask God to help you keep your balance and your eyes on the rope ahead and God will help to guide you. 

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