Walking the trails, June 29 Daily Reflection

Walking the trail

We often walk a trail that others have left behind in their lives. We walk sometimes knowing exactly where we are going with the estimated time of arrival in our minds. We walk thinking about what we will do next and our endless list of commitments.

How often do we walk the trail and observe all that surrounds the trail? How often do we stop on the trail and look back to the bridge that we just crossed to give us perspective on how far we have come? How often do we scan the area but fail to see what or who is beside us on that trail?

We are all guilty of living within our own narrow trails. We, parents, are completely aware of where are children are on the trail and where they should be at different given points. We, workers, are very aware of where we are in our career paths and where we need to go next. We, bill payers, are aware of how much money we have to pay the bills and what we can and cannot afford. We are typically good at knowing the path and trail of our own lives and those extremely close to us. Those should be our top priorities. However, we should not neglect the others on our trail; the ones that went before, the ones who have fallen off and the ones who were left behind us on the bridge. We are to love our neighbors and ourselves. We have to first recognize that neighbors exist. Then we need to pray for them, be kind to them and help them along their trail as well.

Today, slow down and look around you. Smile at a stranger. Pray for those outside your immediate trail and think of ways to help someone else on their trail. Keep walking the trail but start really observing your surroundings.

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