Wanting, July 23 Daily Reflection

Winter time

Doesn’t that look so alluring? That snow it was so cold and beautiful. In the 95 degree heat of the summer that picture looks so inviting, cold and refreshing.

We are a culture that “wants” this and that. We will work hard, earn our money and buy it, everything we “want”. Many times we “want” what we cannot have, the impossible. You all know the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side”? When we were in that snow we wanted the heat of summer, it was too cold with too many snow storms, too many snow days and the streets were dangerous to drive. We wanted the warmth of the summertime. What we all truly desire is a happy median not extreme heat or cold, we really want spring or fall. When the weather is comfortable, the world is fresh with the scent of new flowers blossoming or the smell of someone burning leaves in the fall.

 As a people are we ever satisfied or do we exist in a constant “wanting” state of mind? After all is wanting something so bad it spurs us on to work harder to obtain that item. Maybe it’s not the wanting that’s so bad but it is the not being satisfied and content with what God has bestowed upon our lives. It is not being grateful for that blanket of snow that brings beauty to the landscape. It is not seeing the brilliant splendor of each sunrise and sunset regardless of the temperature. It is not noticing the baby birds freshly hatched in the spring or the deep colors of the fall leaves.

 In all of God’s creation there is happiness and goodness. If we overlook the goodness in search of the greatness we have done God an injustice. God created this beautiful earth, the seasons, nature and YOU to be beautiful, to be good and it is, we are but we need to stop and recognize that fact. Instead of always “wanting” more we should look around at all that God has blessed us with and be content in His goodness.

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