We are many parts, January 25, 2016 Daily Reflection

Body of ChristAs St. Paul puts it in the Gospel reading from yesterday, we are many parts but we are all one body. St. Paul has it so right! Our society tries to instill an attitude of individualism into our minds. We are individuals and we should think for ourselves, realize who we are and the unique gifts and talents that God has bestowed on us. However, we should not use those gifts and talents only for our own gain. God has blessed each of us with individual gifts that when brought together bring an entire people together as a whole community. We are individuals; unique, talented, and precious, but we are one body in Christ. Paul writes that we need the eyes, as well as the feet, and many other parts of the body, all parts are needed together to work as one body. As Father Bill said so well yesterday in his homily, “There is not one of you who is indispensable”.

So, discover your gifts, develop them. There is no shame in using those gifts to support your family and make a living. Don’t stop there use those gifts to help build up the body of Christ in your family, church, and community. God calls everyone of us to nurture our talents so that they help humanity to flourish. “You are indispensable!”

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