We are more than flowers, June 1, 2015 Daily Reflection

2015 Flowers for AnniversaryThese are the flowers my husband gave me for our 18th wedding anniversary. I enjoy having flowers in our house while they are alive. However, when they begin to die and the petals fall off they become depressing. They bring beauty and joy, until they bring dirty water and a mess.

God gave us life and the ability to bring joy, color, happiness, and love to this world. Like the flowers we can bring this joy to others. God also granted us, as humans, an unbelievable opportunity to have everlasting life. Unlike the flowers which bring temporary joy to others and simply die and are discarded. Our lives can be lived in such a way that God will grant us eternal life in heaven.

Although our earthly bodies one day will age and eventually die, our souls will carry on to God. Jesus Christ died so that we may have eternal life. All we have to do is accept this gift from Jesus, have faith, and live as God desires with selfless love for all. We must give everything of ourselves, die to ourselves, so that we can live for God. God is love. So, we need to live our lives with complete love – for the good of others.

If we want to live a full and complete existence we must love selflessly and have faith in God. People wonder why they are so unsatisfied with their lives. Many people believe their lives are like the flowers. They can bring temporary happiness, love and joy to others but they will eventually die and be discarded. We are so much more than flowers. God created us to live a life here on earth and then with Him in Heaven. My heart aches for those who believe that this is all there is. Faith will never make logical sense but it is real. God is real. Heaven is real. Eternal life is real. As Jesus says in the Gospel repeatedly, “Go now, your faith has saved you.” He wants us to have that faith and take it to the rest of the world. We are not supposed to stay in one place, die and be thrown out. Commit your life to God and embrace the opportunity for eternal life. You are more than a flower. You are God’s precious creation, live your life like it and one day you will live for all eternity in the loving embrace of God!

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