We cannot stop the water from falling, May 23 Daily Reflection

My kids watching a small waterfall

We cannot stop the water from falling. We can however feel a little security in knowing where it will pool after the fall has occurred.

We go through life not knowing what is around the next corner and how it will hit us, comfort us or uplift us. No matter what life has in store if we have the God given gift of faith then we can take comfort in the thought that we will be able to come through it all with God by our side.

We cannot predict the events of our futures, the diseases our bodies will have to endure, the suffering from the hands of others or the great disappointments looming on the horizon. However, if our faith is strong enough no matter what the situation we can be confident we will not be alone. We may not see, touch, hear, smell or taste him but God is right there in our hearts and next to us in our lives.

So many people think God has abandoned them. God gave us the gift of freewill; He will not control all the actions of mankind. God also gave us the gift of His presence within our souls and throughout our lives. We will feel pain and sorrow. We will witness tragedy and injustice. But we will never be alone and if we but call His name He will comfort us and pull us through all the waterfalls of our lives. The faith of God is where the water will pool and He will embrace us in the after fall.


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