We Walked, October 23, 2018 Daily Reflection

Grass growing up through the asphalt

We walked, observed, listened, thought, and walked some more. We allowed ourselves to be somewhere new, not photographed in books or movies, not sought after or desired.

We walked through a neighborhood quiet and still. Our feet walked over top of the trash that littered the sidewalk, cracked and overgrown with weeds.

We walked not to pick up the trash or make an impact, not to save the neighborhood or another person.

We walked in silence and solidarity, to let the experience sink into our individual souls. We walked to open our hearts, to let that garbage sink in.

We walked to allow the questions to surface, the disappointment to surge, to blame others, to explore our feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.

We walked to grapple eventually with the guilt that we do nothing but walk.

We walked to struggle with the truth that resides in our souls, between our hearts and our minds. Knowing the only change that can be made is within, deep within.

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