We want this, January 5 Daily Reflection

Mother and Child

Don’t we wish we had this? Don’t us moms deep down want what this picture captures; the powerful love and peace between a mother and her child. Don’t we just wish we could stop and capture that moment with our own children? We secretly wish for the job and power to vanish, the responsibilities to be put on hold, for the earth to stop circling just for a moment in time, for everything in our lives that distracts us from this love to pause long enough for us to hold our children in our arms, head to our chest and peacefully feel their love. What would it feel like to be her? What would we feel if we could stop everything close our eyes so gently with no furrowed brow upon our forehead, no thoughts of our list of things to do, no strain in our neck from the tension of all the needs of this world? What would it feel like if it were just Mom and child and in that moment nothing else existed, in that moment we could be as we were meant to be in complete love with our children?

Can you imagine? Each of us has glimpsed this peace and serenity with our children from time to time. It’s easiest to find when our children are sick and we ignore all else in our lives to comfort and care for them. When they feel terrible and want nothing more than to be held. We have felt that trust and security they place in us when they run to us with a cut or a scrap and they let us hold them and kiss it all better. We have experienced a moment of it when they were first born and we felt that love that knocked us to our knees, that gut wrenching feeling that nothing would ever be the same again but in the best way possible. We have held that moment close before at bedtime as their eyes drifted off and sleep took hold in the middle of a story. Moments, seconds, memories comprise the feelings that the artist evokes in that picture.

As moms our worlds are closing in on us daily, more responsibilities,  to do lists, work, homework, chores, cooking, cleaning, laundry, committees, meetings, sports, church, shopping…the list goes on and on and on. Today, look at the picture, study the picture the face of the mom and the expression of the child, this is what we should strive for peace, serenity and love with our children. This is the most sacred part of the entire relationship more important than any chore or responsibility in our lives. This is what forms the relationship that will endure a lifetime.


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