What are we building? October 19, 2011 Daily Reflection

Daddy and Anna building together

Daddy and Anna built lots of different sandcastles together on our vacation in Florida. One was a pyramid, another was a castle and Spencer and Jake built Mount Everest and a snake. As a family we were building together. What do we build together in our families in our everyday lives?

This world is full of lists, things and tasks to be accomplished, meetings to be run and sports practices to attend. It keeps our family calendars packed from sun up to sun down and beyond. I have personally worked on homework with my 7th grader until midnight before as I am sure many of you have done. With all of this hustle and bustle, coming and going are we building anything in our families other than anxiety, bad eating habits and the need for a fast paced life? My daughter enjoys days that are full from morning until night. But my middle son wants to just hang out at home, read some books and play games together. Together – that’s where the question is. When are we as a family really together? Not just passing each other and tag teaming as parents but when are we together as family?

Our culture pushes us to achieve, overwork and overdue things. We need time, an hour, an afternoon, God help us an entire day to just be together. That’s why there are so many good comments about family dinners. It’s not that it is some amazing gourmet meal we are eating. The point of a daily family dinner is that we are together once a day. I had a friend growing up who had family day every Sunday. I hated Sundays because I couldn’t play with him on that day. But his parents had a great idea. The more we are together the better we get to know one another. The more loved and accepted we feel. The more balanced and secure we become in this life. Our children are growing up watching and living the way we live. This is how they will live their lives. Do we want them to be on the run constantly or do we want them to relax and have relationships not just living arrangements?

Today, think about what your family is building? What do you want your family to build? What small steps can you take to build a stronger foundation, a deeper relationship and a more balanced life for your loved ones?


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