What are you blocking, August 31, 2011 Daily Reflection

traffic in a parking lot

There I was in the parking lot of Panera, the most hectic parking lot in town. Just sitting waiting in the pouring down rain. If you look closely you will see that 2 cars were trying to back out of their spaces simultaneously as the rest of us sat in gridlock waiting for a free parking space. What you cannot hear is the honking horns of the trucks in front of me. It was so ridiculous that it was funny. We were all waiting for parking spaces but we were in the way of one another.

That’s life we are all waiting for something to open but we get in the way of it when it happens. We need to back up our truck, stop honking our horns,proceed with caution and look for the openings.

What are you waiting for that you are blocking right now in your life?

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