What are you filled with? June 11, 2015 Daily Reflection

Copyright Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp

Copyright Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp

I was listening to a Baptist preacher on the radio the other day. I truly enjoy listening to Baptist preachers because they are filled with enthusiasm, and they constantly quote the scriptures and break open the word! It went to commercial so I changed to my Catholic Channel and tried to listen to a priest, he was quiet, dry, and dull. I am a Catholic Woman of faith. I am searching constantly for the meaning behind scripture, inspiration, and God speaking to me through others. It was so depressing to me that as Catholics for the most part on the radio we are not represented as enthusiastic or interesting. This drives me crazy! We need more people speaking for the church that are on fire with faith!!

The Baptist preacher was also talking about people who are searching for God and how they are filled with the Holy Spirit. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit you can’t help but be on fire with faith. Yes, there are definitely times in life where it may level off but the fire should still be burning within. I believe that many believers are filled with the Holy Spirit but they have also opened their lives to other things that compete with the spirit.

Many Christians in our culture are filled with what our culture believes is important, avarice; power, greed, and the need for it all. We are raising a generation to believe it is all about how much you have, the career, the money, the fame (even if it is only on social media and negative). What happened to the times when taking time to pray and go to Church with your family was a priority? The regular church attendance in Christian faiths continues to decline. What are people filling themselves with, because it doesn’t appear to be the Holy Spirit.

What sets your heart on fire? Is it a paycheck, a new material possession, or a career shift? Or is it a flourishing relationship, a good talk with a friend, a service opportunity when you served someone else, or a feeling of the presence of God? I am not saying that we shouldn’t be excited about making more money, buying things we have saved up for or earning a promotion. I am just asking how much of your concentration in life is focused on those things? How much do you concentrate on relationships, faith, service, and selfless love for others?

I guess what I am asking is what are you filled with? Self examination is important for growth. Without growth we become unsatisfied, stagnant, and depressed people. Think about it today and challenge yourself. If you open your heart God will come in and settle there. Then you will be filled with the Holy Spirit and a fire that will set your life on a new and satisfying path.

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