What do you do when you need help? August 5, 2015 Daily Reflection

Aaron helping Jake

Aaron helping Jake

When we need help we should always ask for it, if we cannot do it ourselves. When I need help in my life I always ask God. Sometimes I do not hear his answer. Then I ask a human being and they help me. I think its God’s way of sending me help.

There is a quote in the Bible that says something to the effect of, “Pride goes before the fall.” Our American culture encourages the idea of doing it yourself and that when one has succeeded it should be credited to that person alone. Very few people give credit to the one who truly inspired and facilitated the help. We hear the actors and singers give credit to their agents, directors etc. and some even give credit to God, but that is not very often. Our American culture is very self-centered. It influences us to think it is all about me! That I am the one that succeeded, but the truth is that nothing can happen without the help of God and others in our lives.

When you need help what do you do? Do you keep to yourself so no one knows how human you are? Do you go straight to your spouse or significant other? Do you go to your friends? Do you go to your family? Do you go to prayer? The priority of importance is revealed when one is in need. We just need to remember to always ask for help when we need it. Those who love you want to help, but if you don’t tell them they don’t know there is a need.

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