What do you see? June 23 Daily Reflection

The scene

When you look at this picture what catches your attention; the vibrant yellow of the blossoming flower, the white caps of the river water, the summer greens of the grass or the pale gray rocks?

In our lives what do we focus on? Do we only look at the pretty, brightly colored flowers, the rushing and loud river, the lush green grass surrounding us daily or the rocks that are not so pretty, not vying for our attention? Day after day we are drawn to bright colors, flashy ideas, moving people and grand scenes. We rarely notice the gray rocks in our lives. Yet, the rocks, those large gray things we over look form our foundation. The flowers bloom and die, the river rushes by with or without our knowledge and the grass is sensitive to the sunlight, the rainfall and the feet that run upon it. The rocks are steady and stable, boring to look at and many times seem completely useless. Yet they keep us grounded. Water can rush over them, new ideas that try to erode them, flowers can bloom and fade beside them and the grass can even grow up around them but nothing can move them.

We all have those rocks in our lives; that person who is your foundation, who helped to form you and will always be present even though we don’t notice. The rock of our core beliefs, our values we were raised with that are unwavering no matter what trend is current. The rock of our faith, God our foundation that is unmoving and always there. These rocks are usually forgotten about and not often brought to the forefront but they are the very center of our lives.

Look at that picture again what do you notice now? Who or what are the rocks in your life. Today say a little prayer of thanksgiving that you have those rocks in your life and that they formed you to be who you are this day.

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