What do you see? March 18 Daily Reflection


Look into Jake's eyes. What does he radiate?

What do you find when you look deeply into the eyes of another? Do you find love exploding from his smile? Do you find hate lurking in the darkness of his eyes? What do you find when you listen to another? 

Sometimes hatred screams with a needy cry love me, why won’t someone try to love me. Hate is not just hate, its hurt armored with a cover to protect by lashing out and keeping a distance from the possibility of pain. Without realizing it the distance one creates in self preservation soon turns to isolation and when hurt cannot enter neither then can love. Soon one has nothing to show for the protection but a sadness, confusion and lonely isolation that one was trying to avoid yet invited unknowingly.

Sometimes when you listen to another all you hear is love, undying, open, accepting and inviting love. One who is secure in life and open to listen to others waiting patiently for the time that one can give their love and share it with another?  One has no need for selfish thoughts but thinks instead about the other. They welcome new ideas, new situations and new people into their lives.

What do people witness when they listen to you?

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