What do you thirst for? August 8 Sunday Tidbit

Water Fountain

What do you thirst for in this life? What do you use to quench your thirst? When you have run 3 miles in the park, hiked the difficult trail in the heat of the sun, walked for an hour or have been outside playing on the playground with your child, what do you seek to quench your thirst? Do you search diligently for a water fountain or do you always bring along your own water bottle?

When you thirst for knowledge and answers to your existence where do you go in what direction do you search? Do you look for a religion or do you have your own already? What quenches your thirst for faith?

 Look for the fountain of faith and say a prayer. Find God in this lifetime and He will quench your every thirst, each and every time you seek Him out. God is the fountain that will never stop quenching your thirst.


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