What is hidden? June 23 Daily Reflection


What is hidden beneath that firewood? What creepy crawly things make their home in the dark and dampness of that quiet secluded place? What migrates to that darkness for safety, for a home, for its sustenance of its life? If all the firewood is taken at one time what will be exposed to the garish light of day?

What do we hide in the dark? What part of our lives would we like to place in a quiet and secluded place that no one will disturb? What part of us needs that safety, and sustenance to be kept alive? What wounds would be opened to the pain of exposure if those places were opened to the air?

We were born human, made to make mistakes. We fall, we fail, we sin, we regret and then we pick ourselves up and try it over again hopefully better the next time. But sometimes we want to just hide, be safe and warm where no one needs to find out about our failures and our shortcomings. We all need that privacy to lick our wounds and heal our broken selves. Yes, sometimes we need that space but unlike those creepy, crawly things we cannot dwell beneath the wood. We need the time to heal secluded but then we must pull ourselves out of the wood and stand upon it. Without the light we will not grow.

Today, take those failings, lick those wounds and get out from under the wood. You are loved by someone more loving than yourself. He will forgive you if you ask for it and help you to grow. Embrace the wood of the cross and let God’s forgiveness help you to grow. He made you and knows your flaws. If you ask He will answer. If you let your mistakes be exposed to Him He will heal you and you will grow and become stronger from His guiding light.

Today, stop hiding and let yourself grow in the light of God.

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