What will he give? November 16, 2012 Daily Reflection

The stones in his hands

What has he given? What has he held? What does keep? What will he give away?

We have been blessed by God to have life and existence right here and right now in this space and time. We were not randomly thrown together at a factory. We were thought out in the mind of God and given life by God’s own hands. God has given us all that we will ever need. The question is what have we given to God? God needs nothing, requires nothing, He loves us without reason or cause. God gave us free will.

What will we give back? What can we not seem to let go of? What do we continue to keep, knowing we should give it up or away? What will we give away?

Each one of us is on our own private, personal journey through this life. However, we bump into others, become emotionally involved with others, love others and unite ourselves with others. Our journey though private is really public. It’s about us and God and everyone else. The choices are ours alone.  We choose what to hold and keep and what to give away. We all have our own reasons. We all have our own history and understanding. We all must choose.

We have been given life and love. What will we keep and what will we give away?

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