What will help? June 13, 2013 Daily Reflection

How do I keep the feeling of peace I had at the beach in my every day life?

Life is at times overwhelming. In our culture if we are not overwhelmed by our To Do List then we are either retired or not considered productive citizens. I think if we were not overwhelmed we could be more in touch with our faith, our friends, our family and our well being.

How do we shift our thinking from stressed out to peace and mindful thoughts?

Becoming more organized definitely helps. Saying no to one more thing on the list helps. Accepting other people’s offers to help…helps! Changing our mindset about what our priorities are in this life will change more than anything else. If God comes first and we give Him our stress and concerns then everything else will change. The problem is we refuse to relinquish the control we have over our stress to God.

If you want to get rid of your stress then do it. It is not easy and it doesn’t mean you can do it all at once. However, you can start the process right now by saying a prayer. Ask God to take away the worries and to give you a moment to breathe.  Believe that God will take care of you like He said He would and give Him your control.

You can lead a more peaceful life if you give your stress to God.

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