When You Were A Child, March 14, 2012 Daily Reflection

My kids canoeing

When you were a child what did you like to do best in the world? Did you like to play with trains or trucks? Did you like to draw and color? Did you like to read or write stories? Did you like to act out stories or sing songs? Did you like to hike and watch nature? Did you like to go camping or swimming? Did you like to canoe or ski? Did you like to play sports or play with dolls? Did you like to sew or build things? Did you like to design houses, cars or clothes? Did you like to be around other kids or to be alone with your thoughts? What did you like best when you were a kid?

What do you do now? Does your work or any of your hobbies include what you loved as a child?

When you were a child no one made you like a certain activity that you loved to do! You did these activities because as a child you were able to choose what you liked not what society thought you should like. Your choices were uninhibited and for the most part not influenced by social pressures.  Of course you have grown and some of your likes and dislikes have changed. Some because your opinions have changed others because of expectations of the world around you; you had to get a job; you had to do something for a living that could support yourself and perhaps a family. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot return to these activities as hobbies in your life. Some of these activities may still bring you joy and needed stress relief in your crazy life today.

So today, I ask you to make a list of activities that you loved to do as a child, really think back. Then look over your list and pick one thing that you can do and make it happen. If you are determined you can find a way to put that simple pleasure back in your life today. We may have to grow up but we don’t have to leave all of our pleasures of being a child behind. My favorite thing to do as a child was to write! I just started again 3 years ago and it brings me great pleasure!!!


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