Where are my boots? January 5, 2013 Saturday Tidbit

Anna and her snowman

“Where are the boots? Where are the gloves? We have to find the sleds!” They were all excited about getting to that snow as fast as humanly possible. We had to go to the store to buy new boots. I won’t tell you how much that cost. My daughter wears a woman’s size and my oldest son is in a men’s size now. But seeing them sled down the neighborhood hills and laughing at the bottom made it worth the price I paid. They ran, threw snowballs and Anna made a snowman. No matter what age you are the snow is such a fun element to play in.

Give your children the chance to experience a day in the snow. Turn off their DS, WII and TV. Find their boots and shove them out the back door. So, they can discover the simple joys of the snow.


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