Where did they go? October 15, 2015 Daily Reflection

Swing Sets

Swing Sets

Where did the swingsets go? Where did the swinging high up to the sky go? Where are the monkey bars, and the see saws? Where are the merry go rounds, that you ran in circles to spin so fast that the person on it felt ill? Where are the children? Why are the playgrounds so quiet? Where are the children?

We need to take our children outside to play. We need to drive them to the playgrounds, parks, and outside playsets. They need to feel the grass, run in the sunshine, climb the steps to the sliding boards and wait their turn to swing as high as they can on the swings.

Turn off the wiifi for a day. Take them outside to play! Watch their imagination soar. Play with them, run and play tag, swing on a swing together. Show your child how to enjoy childhood. Today, find the swingsets and find the place every child should be, not infront of a screen but playing on a playground.

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