“Where I Belong” by Allison Haycraft, Daily Reflection February 29, 2016


My students never cease to amaze me! They are so talented. Often times I believe they teach me more than I teach them. One of my students shared this beautiful poem with me. I would like to share it with you.

Where I Belong.

I am from photo books, captain crunch cereal,

Hide and seek;

From Clorox and GE


I am from

The small backyard,

The narrow hallway,

And the kitchen where Pinterest does most of our cooking

The house smells different each month,

Due to wallflowers;

Looking forward to October,

For the scent of pumpkin spice


I am from the dogwood tree,

The tulips and lilies;

Whose petals are white and pink,

Always blooming in the spring


I am from

Gathering on Christmas morning,

With two families, at two houses

From traditional and stepparents


I am from


Leg tapping,

Thick eyebrows.




Many cookouts.

Both the farm and lakehouse


I am from funniest home videos,

In the living room;

And movies,

In the basement.


I am from “treat others like you want to be treated,”

To share.

From the times,

When my brothers and I,

Would play outside,

In that backyard of ours;

To now,

I watch my little sister,

Remembering my younger brother,

Whom watches over us,

With his angel wings.


There’s an empty part of me,

That will never be filled,

In exactly the same way.


He made me the strongest,

When he returned home peacefully.


I too,

Am from that home,

And someday will return to it.

Copyright 2015 Allison Haycraft

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