Where is prayer, June 21 Daily Reflection

Spencer's hands folded in prayer

Prayer; is it in the forefront of your life or is it in the backdrop?

Do you only talk to God when you are desperate for help and comfort? Do you talk to God daily like you are talking to a person in your immediate family? What causes you to fold your hands and pray to God? What brings you to your knees begging for His aid?

What were you taught as a child about God and prayer?

My children have been taught from birth that God is with them and they will never be alone. No matter the situation good or bad they are never alone.  “God loves to listen to your voice so just keep on talking to him.” I tell them. I have taught them to pray at meals, at church at bedtime at night with me and whenever they want to talk to God. They know the prayers “Our Father, Hail Mary, Grace”. They also know how to just talk to God like they are talking to a friend.

The gift I am trying to instill in their little hearts is the gift of the presence of God. I am mortal and will die. I cannot and will not always be with them but God will always remain as a part of them. I want them to understand and embrace their faith in God as an anchor in their lives. If I can teach them by example and through my love, my prayers with them and my actions day after day of faith then I have done my job as a mom. If I can show them the face of God and His presence in their lives I have accomplished what God wanted me to with my children.

Spencer’s face is in the backdrop and his hands folded in prayer are the forefront of this picture. I believe if my children live their lives like that they will be secure, confident, selfless, loving and fulfilled in this life and more importantly in the next life.

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