Whittle Wood, January 2, 2017 Daily Reflection


Jake and Aaron Whittling

Jake and Aaron Whittling

Yesterday, Jake asked his Dad if he could teach him how to whittle wood. He received a Swiss army knife for Christmas and really wanted to make good use of it. Aaron, found two coolers put them out in the yard sat down next to him and taught him how. They looked adorable together. A dad teaching his son something Jake will one day teach his own son.

Whittling is an interesting hobby. Taking a piece of wood you whittle into a shape, almost like sculpting. Jake showed me the finished product. It was a wand (he is into Harry Potter). Looking at the different colors of the wood, and feeling the different textures gave the wood qualities I was unaware of. He worked with the wood quite some time before he had it like he wanted it. It took patience, focus, and attention to whittle.

Our lives are like that wood. Our lives take patience, focus, and attention in order to grow and develop into the person God calls us to be in this world. When the process is finished we will find textures, colors, and qualities we were unaware that we contain. Open your heart to God and allow Him to help you whittle away at your life so that all can feel the effect of the treasure hidden within.

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